Frequently Asked Questions

What you should know before visiting

  • Access codes for Wifi included with lodging.
Building Use
  • Chapel and foyer use are free of charge for Old Latin School overnight guests but need to be reserved through the ILSW in advance.
  • Outside church groups may use the chapel for private worship services with permission. We do ask for a freewill offering for chapel upkeep.
  • In addition, the ground floor (including chapel, kitchenette, and foyer) can be rented by outside groups for 75€/day for non-worship activities (classes, meetings, receptions, etc.)
  • ALL chapel and foyer reservations should be made through the ILSW, +49 3491 420 290 or the contact form under the “Tours” tab.
  • A projector (with VGA and USB connection) is available upon request, as well as a projection screen.
  • Whiteboard and markers available upon request
  • Meeting room options:
    • Foyer with small kitchenette (seats 50)
    • Chapel (seats 53),
      • Group room and kitchen (table seats 10), *for lodging guests only
    • Printing: Wittcom Bürosysteme & Copycenter Wittenberg GmbHNeustraße 14-15,
  • The “Lutherstadt Wittenberg” Bahnhof (train-station) is 1,5 km from the Old Latin School and has many travel options.
  • Tickets can be purchased at or at kiosks in the tunnel under the tracks at the Hauptbahnhof.
  • The DB Navigator App for Smartphones is also a useful tool to look up routes and purchase tickets.
  • Simply enter “Lutherstadt Wittenberg” as your departure and destination locations and pick out the best travel route.
  • IMPORTANT: There is a town called Wittenberge about 2.5 hours from here. This is not Lutherstadt Wittenberg. These two places are often mixed up when planning travels. Make sure check your spelling and to be safe, include “Lutherstadt”. After all, good ol’ Martin Luther was kind of a big deal around here, so they named the town after him.

Train travel:

ICE (Fast train) will get you to Wittenberg in 40 minutes. The RB (regional train) will take about 1.5 hours.

Train stops are announced shortly before arrival and may be posted on visible screens throughout the train.

Once you arrive in Wittenberg:

  • Follow signs for the “Altstadt”, which will take you to the road.
  • Turn left and follow the road until you reach a roundabout (~600m).
  • Continue straight through the roundabout and follow the road until you see the twin spires of the city church and head towards them (you are now on Mittelstraße for ~750m).
  • Once you reach the churchyard, turn right and walk directly behind the church. Once you pass the church, you will see the Old Latin School to the right of the church across the churchyard.

Travel from Tegel Airport – Berlin via train

  • Tegel Airport in the north of Berlin. You will need to travel to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, which is easy to reach by the Express Bus TXL towards the City Centre. The bus travels in five-minute intervals between Tegel Airport and Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). Depending on the time of day the ride takes about 20 minutes. Fare: 2.70 Euros one way. Fare for children between 6-14 years: 1.70 Euros.
  • Follow posted signs for the bus loading area
  • Tickets can be purchased at the ticket desks in the main terminal (beside airport information) or at the ticket machines outside Terminal A. Please remember to validate your ticket when you get on the bus.
  • Once at the Hauptbahnhof, purchase a ticket to Lutherstadt Wittenberg at the Travel Info or kiosks on every platform. Look for “Fahrkartenverkauf’.
  • Once you have your ticket, check which “Gleis” (platform) you are departing from, and go there. If your ticket does not specify this, check screens for posted schedules.
  • *Note: Trains for Lutherstadt Wittenberg depart from “tief” (lower level)
  • Numbers 1 or 2 on train cars denote first or second class.

Parking near the Old Latin School

ARSENAL (300 places), Mauerstraße 17, 1-3 €, Mon.-Son., 24 hour.

Neues Rathaus (205 places), Bürgermeisterstraße, 0 €, Mon.-Son., 24 hour.

Elbstraße/Wallstraße (53 places), .50 € / 30 minutes, max. 3 hours, Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sa-So. 9:00-16:00, Free outside these hours.

Wallstraße (130 places), .25 € / 30 minutes, max. 3 hours, Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sa-So. 9:00-16:00, Free outside these hours.

Fleischerstraße (43 places), .25 € / 30 minutes, max. 3 hours, Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, Sa-So. 9:00-16:00, Free outside these hours.

Parking in the Altstadt (Old town) is difficult, but outside in the surrounding town, you will be able to find street parking.

Additional options:


Taxis are available at the Bahnhof, or can be reached at:

  • Ihr Taxi, #03491 66 66 66
  • Taxi KL, #03491 66 10 66


Link to map of bus routes in Wittenberg:

Tickets can be purchased at:

  • Informationsbüro Wittenberg, Am Busbahnhof,
  • Reisebüro der Vetter-Touristik, Coswiger Straße 33,

Bike rentals

Fahrradhaus Kralisch, Jüdenstraße 11,         

  • The Old Latin School does have a fully functioning kitchen for guests staying with us. Cooking for yourself can significantly lighten your food budget. (See grocery store options below)
  • Finding a good restaurant isn’t a very difficult matter. The law requires each establishment to post a copy of the menu outside, which allows you to make fairly quick evaluation of what they offer and prices.
  • Once inside, just pick out a table and have a seat. It’s rare for anybody to show you to a seat. If there’s no empty table, it’s all right to ask people already seated if you can share their table. They’ll usually agree. If you are unsure, you can also ask: “Ist hier frei?” (Is this spot free?).
  • You will get no glass of water from the waiter unless you order it. Make sure you specify if you want non-carbonated or carbonated water.

Restaurant Recommendations:

  • German:
    • Wittenberger KartoffelhausSchlossstraße 2
    • Wittenberger Brauhaus, Markt 6
    • Tante Emma’s Bier und Cafè-haus, Markt 9
  • Steakhouse:
    • El ToroLutherstraße 15
  • Italian:
    • Ristorante Il Castello, Schlossstraße 3
    • Pizzaria LidoCollegienstraße 49
  • Greek:
    • MediterraneoSchlossstraße 33
  • Nightlife/bars:
    • BitterSuessSchlossstraße 22
    • Charles BarMarkt 7
    • Irish Harp Pub, Collegienstraße 71
    • Independent, Collegienstraße
  • Quick Meal ideas:
    • ARSENALshopping center on Jüdenstraße:
      • REWE (grocery store),
      • Steinecke (Bakery),
      • Wok, VietWok (sushi),
      • Estia (pizza & pasta),
    • Super Döner, Collegienstraße 87: turkish
    • Domino’sLutherstraße 3-4 (delivers!)
    • Subway, Dessauer Straße 3