When in Wittenberg, please take note of our visiting policy.

We advise all visitors to contact us before their arrival, in order to ensure that someone is here to welcome them. Drop-ins sometimes work out, but due to on-site staff limitations, they cannot be ensured, especially if outside of regular German business hours (e.g. evenings or weekends). For future visits, or to help anyone you know who is planning a trip, make sure to check out the contact form below and send us a head’s up!

Just stopping by?

If you are interested in visiting the Old Latin School and cannot stay long, you are still welcome to stop by for a brief tour! While we do our best to accommodate drop-ins, please consider letting us know in advance when you are coming, so that we can be present to receive you.

    Creating Your Own Study Tour or Program

    Each group, school, church or organization is expected to establish its own program, determining if course credits will be awarded to students, how fees are paid, how long the program will run, and how many participants can be involved. As you consider creating a tour or program, ask yourself:

    It can be helpful to divide your planning into three phases: pre-tour, on-tour and post-tour. For guidance finding local lecturers and instructors (history, theology, language, culture, etc.), contact the Institute for German Language and Culture, which is located in the Leucorea. This was formerly home to Wittenberg University, where Luther, Melanchton, and others taught! For more information on the Leucorea and to find out how they can assist you in a study tour, visit

    Recommended Tour Guides

    Christian Eggert, managing director of the OLS’ booking partner, Colleg Wittenberg, is also owner of Christian Tours Europe. Mr. Eggert can connect you with Wittenberg resources as well as arrange the logistics of your whole visit and/or day trips.

    Christian Utpatel, former SELK pastor and owner of Terra Lu Travel, specializes in faith-based and “create your own” travel itineraries. Mr. Utpatel can arrange contacts with SELK Lutheran churches, as well as other general tour needs.

    Plan an Overnight Stay at the Old Latin School

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