Meet the intern: Alina Nikolaev

Meet the intern: Alina Nikolaev

There was a new face at the Old Latin School during the first weeks of the World Exhibition this summer. Alina Nikolaev lives in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and currently studies at the Luther-Melanchthon Gymnasium, the local high school and successor of the Old Latin School. Alina chose an internship with us and is to this day at 15 years old our youngest intern ever. She is fluent in multiple languages and was a wonderful help to our managing director Kristin Lange during this busy time. – Since the end of her internship, Alina has stopped by to say hello and join in for chapel. What a joy it is to have friends so close!

What led you to pursue an internship with the ILSW?
Initially, I searched for an internship where languages would be very important, and perhaps also where one could learn about other cultures. My mother thought the Old Latin School would be a good fit, and that it would certainly interest me. In this case, she certainly was right.

What did your position as intern include?
My responsibilities included, for example, the translation of English texts into German. I also helped a pastor prepare a presentation in English for an American confirmation group. However, most of the time, I was in the bookstore of the Old Latin School. There, I helped with the preparation of an inventory list, where I counted and photographed books and gifts. Occasionally, I had a couple smaller projects to accomplish, like sorting receipts and taking notes.

What surprised you about daily life here?
What really surprised me was that almost every day was different, and that there were always more tasks to accomplish, and many spontaneous events. Moreover, there were days when everything was very calm and relaxed, but then again there were those days when very many people came, and it would become very stressful.

Could you imagine working for an organization like this later?
I could certainly imagine something like this. I did not know for a while, which kind of occupation I should pursue. But this internship has helped me have a clearer idea for my future.

What did you learn working here?
I learned here that I do not need to be afraid to talk to strangers. Usually, I am more of a calm and reluctant person, but during this internship I noticed how I would miss out on so many interesting conversations because of this. I would without a doubt like to try to become more outgoing in the future. I also encountered much concerning the world of the church, as I attended multiple devotions and a presentation a pastor gave on German church history, which I found very interesting.

Did you enjoy working with us?
I enjoyed it so very much here! The people here are so friendly, and it really was great to work together with them. I will miss them all very much, and I will never forget my wonderful time here.

Because of Alina’s astounding knowledge of languages and hard work, she was given Luther’s Small Catechism in Russian as a small thank-you gift.



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