Construction Photos: February 18-19

Construction Photos: February 18-19

Tiling was nearly completed for where the baptismal font will be located in the back of the chapel at the Old Latin School in Wittenberg, Germany, during construction work Feb. 18-19. The remainder of the floor will be wood parquet, very similar to the chapel of the International Center in St. Louis. Workers determined where the slate tiles in the foyer and the wood floor in the chapel would meet, and electricians installed ceiling lights in the chapel.

The elevator is functioning, and it required at least two people to learn the details of running the elevator — a little more detail than just getting in and pressing the button but not very complicated. Pictured is Otis, the maintenance supervisor, and, in the background, Christian Eggert from Colleg of Wittenberg.

An inspector from the Technischer Überwachungs-Verein tested the elevator to make sure it is safe and functioning properly. In one photo, the TÜV inspector met with two Otis Elevator employees, and also pictured are the test weights that were loaded onto the elevator.

Work progressed on the second floor (American third floor), including a hallway, dorm room flooring, and fixtures in one of the bathrooms. In the faculty apartment, two historic doors were renovated.

Old Latin School

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