Late November Construction Updates

Late November Construction Updates

In late November, architect Frau Gensicke, one of the contractors and LCMS missionary Rev. David L. Mahsman, managing director of the International Lutheran Society of Wittenberg, examined the Old Latin School’s facade — the stucco, paint, window flashing, etc. Gensicke and Mahsman did not sign off on the work but gave the contractor a number of items to be fixed on the north side of the building before the scaffolding came down. The restored plaque on the north side of the building “looks good,” according to Mahsman.

Inside the building on the ground floor, the bookstore area was being prepped for plastering, and plastering was being done in the foyer. The historic pillar in the foyer was covered with plastic. On the second floor, there are more sills yet to be installed.

Up on the Dachgeschoss, or attic, a lot of dry wall work was being done, as pictured in the two offices and the main room of the large apartment. The furnace will be located in a rather small room on the west end of the attic. Photos show the Old Latin School from the southeast and the east.

Old Latin School

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