Roofing work completed on Old Latin School

Roofing work completed on Old Latin School

The release has been signed on the roof work that it was done properly on the Old Latin School in Wittenberg, Germany. Restoration specialists are at work on the sandstone plaque placed on the building when it was renovated and expanded in 1828.  Other parts of the building slated for restoration include the 1564 beams and pillar on the ground floor and, in March, the signature doorway on the Kirchplatz side of the building.

Plastering is being done in the chapel. As elsewhere in the building, the plaster first is sprayed on the wall, then smoothed out.  Meanwhile, work is taking place on the ceiling of the chapel and the foyer. More drywall work is being done elsewhere in the building, too, including the drop ceiling in the first-floor hallway. The first floor is part of the 1564 building and has a much higher ceiling than the second floor.

LCMS partner church pastors Isaiah Obare of Kenya (son of Bishop Walter Obare) and William Boateng of Ghana were recently in Wittenberg and toured the building. They said they were very happy to see the building and seemed quite impressed with the progress. As he looked around, Boateng kept saying, “Sweet!”

Old Latin School

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